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Lady Sybil Vimes (c) Terry Pratchett

“What had she ever earned? The reward for toil had been more toil. If you dug the best ditches, they gave you a bigger shovel.”

—    Terry Pratchett, Carpe Jugulum (via werunyonder)
from The Fifth Elephant by Terry PratchettLady Sybil Vimes.
Vlad de Magpyr (c) Terry Pratchett
Angua von Überwald (c) Terry Pratchett

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also people should keep in mind that sometimes when an artist says “doodle" what they mean is "stress-free art”. that doesn’t necessarily mean that the “doodle” they made is something that they didn’t work hard at or didn’t spend a long time on. some people…

Anonymous said: your hair looks super duper cute!

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